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April 28, 2010


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Sara Barruffe

I just may be coming over for the night to experience your Jane Austen's guest room. I have the older version of Pride and Prejudice and has that same style of dance, dresses and sometimes I wish to live on their time for a week or so to experience that life. Pretty dresser.Is the guest room going to be where your office is now?


Hope - hope - hope to move our master set up into the big room that is currently my office. Then the more cozy room could be the guest room.
of course, I am familiar with your lovely Pride and Prejudice collection, and Mr. Darcy ;) It will take some time for me to get the room done, but you are on the list to come over!! Bring your movie and we can watch it over tea and goodies while sitting in the Jane Austen guest room. (ps, have you watched Becoming Jane, I adore James McAvoy)

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